qing shan temple of research and development
qing shan backup repository
Archive: object@gmail.com--qingshan
Location: http://maliwan.sourceforge.net/arch

this's a quick and ugly guide for insane tla commands

  • tla register-archive object@gmail.com--qingshan http://maliwan.sourceforge.net/arch

  • tla categories -A object@gmail.com--qingshan
    (a list of categories...)

  • tla branches -A object@gmail.com--qingshan [choose a category from the list of categories...]
    (a list of branches...)

  • tla get -A object@gmail.com--qingshan [category]--[branch] [target-dir]
    (eg. tla get -A object@gmail.com--qingshan ladder--stable ladder)

  • Please consult tla manual for further insanity.
    maliwan / blu tulip files
    wall.png : Maliwan wallpaper
    maliwan.png : Maliwan logo
    maliwan.jpg : some maliwan screenshots
    maliwan2.jpg :
    maliwan3.jpg :
    maliwan4.jpg :
    maliwan5.jpg :
    maliwan6.jpg :
    blutulip1.jpg : blu tulip shots
    blutulip2.jpg : 2
    blutulip3.jpg : 3
    blutulip4.jpg : 4
    blutulip5.jpg : 5
    blutulip6.jpg : 6
    blutulip7.jpg : 7
    blutulip8.jpg : 8
    blutulip9.jpg : 9
    ui designs & ideas
    calcidea.png : an idea on a calculator. (Nokal? :)
    contextmenu.png : a list of mocks for some ideas on contexmenu
    creatos.png : design for creatos
    filebrowser.png : My idea on browsing virtual group
    lapis-extra-white.png : Latest lapis mock
    mock_dock.png : My idea on dock
    nstoolbar.jpg : idea on how toobar should be implemented
    nstoolbar2.jpg : one more
    applications & patches
    Agenda-OSX.tar.bz2 : test tree for Agenda on OSX
    TestDia.png : DiagramKit dev screenshot/remixed with gimp to show 3 modes of the adaptor at once
    login.mng : animation of old ILogin
    mygo.png : go stones
    mygo2.png : Ladder screenshot
    nextgo.jpg : NextGo screenshot
    shhh-cairo.png : better vector with cairo-back
    xinput.diff : my latest xinput patch for gs back
    fix_view_rotation.diff : fix NSView rotation.
    documents & tools
    myvim.tar.bz2 : My .vimrc and .vim
    gnustep.pdf : My unfinished gnustep book
    gormtutorial : My Thai gorm tutorial
    random artworks
    GNUstep_Orca_Agnie.pdf : Agnieszka's Orca
    GNUstep_Orca_Agnieszka.pdf : original one
    HNY2005.png : My 2005 card
    DelZeeti-01.jpg : Del 1
    DelZeeti-02.jpg : Del 2
    Icons : Some icons
    bias.png : try paint a friend from memory, but I think it look much better than herself hmmm.
    csbanner.png : banner for CS
    cslogo.png : CS logo
    heart.jpg : hand-made stereogram in gimp
    hobbitubbies.jpg : I posted this on #freedesktop and someone at RH ban my entire network for a month
    kernelnewbies : rework on old stuffs for kernelnewbies.org
    lbkk.png : what's this?
    orcasm.png : gnustep cosplay
    steprider.jpg : a prototype of one of garma's official wallpaper
    suchicon.jpg : me
    suchnesS.jpg : me
    suchness2.jpg : and evil me
    t-shirt5.jpg : WindowMaker t-shirt design by Alfredo himself! redone in a better form by me
    test-pressure.png : shot of new pressure support in GNUstep
    v3.jpg : My V3 modification
    poll.html : a poll for default backend
    whoshouldrundonations.html : a poll on who should run donations to GNUstep
    ☑ todos ☒
    fix NSView rotation.
    setup arch on maliwan.
    finish/port to OS X DiagramKit.
    ditch the svn repository for this site for the sake of rsync.
    do experiment with NSCursor to use XcursorImage and animating cursor.
    compile Maliwan
    start Calendar Kit
    finish Ladder stable
    (try to) maintain Agenda
    start working on SudoKit to provide a simple way for app to record everything it want to do by root by archiving invocations and invoke sudo to unarchive and execute them.
    port WPrefs to Preferences.app, link WINGs to use WING's proplist code
    fix cairo backend
    draw a new wallpaper base on the theme of 'the legend of white snake', a picture of Bai Su Zhen and Xiao Qing stepping up the stairs of Jinshan temple to fight Fa Hai. With a word saying GNUstep in chinese. (I don't know chinese, may be Yen-Ju can help me, won't ask Thep since he may send me instead something means gnome - j/k)
    when one close window with keyboard, the app may preferably minimize it down and put 10 seconds countdown on it before actually close it. This will prevent wrong window closing by shotcut key.
    gdk backend.
    iiimf / draw input language symbol after text cursor.
    add - GSShowPositionedGlyphs to have typesetter engine in -gui to decide position fo each glyph.
    iiimf dance dance revolution!
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